Use this page to discuss design and content changes to the main page. For general wiki discussion, please visit the Community Portal or Forums.

Rules for Posting

1. Please, no swearing or explicit language.

2. Politeness and mature conversation is required of all posts.

3. When making a new post, please click edit this page. Name your post and create a link for it using the wiki editor. Save the change. MAKE SURE THE COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS IN THE POST GO ON THE NEW PAGE, NOT ON THIS ONE.

4. Please put the correct post in the correct category, i.e., questions with questions and discussion with discussion.

5. If having a discussion, it is acceptable to continue a themed discussion on a single page.

6. Make sure to clearly label posts with a consistent name.

7. Thanks for taking the time to comment/contribute!

Suggestions (for plot)

Suggestions (for web format)



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