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Half Human Half Darkling Mystic

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Eye Color:

Gold with starburst pupils


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Annoying others, playing, acting ridiculous

Taitousuu is a normal human with powers of gravity and guardian to Vynosa in the Hope/Despair series.

Family Edit

Taitousuu is the guardian to Vynosa. Other family has yet to be determined, but has no bearing on the story itself at this point.

Early Years Edit

Character Edit

Taitousuu is a very lighthearted person, caring more for fun and games than anything else. He protects the people he cares about, but very little can really rouse him from his steady hyperness. Vynosa, of course, fully encourages and exacerbates that issue and the pair of them are like truant children, always playing and laughing together. He almost seems like he's not all there at times. However, he also works to make those around him happy too. Being sad around either one of them is tantamount to criminal. In fact, the day either one of them has an emo moment is a sign of the oncoming apocalypse. His flamboyant personality makes it difficult to determine whether he's straight, gay or bisexual. In fact, his sexual orientation is the great mystery of his personality. No one knows the true answer to that question. (Oddly enough, probably not even Taitousuu. O.o)

Books Edit

Taitousuu doesn't show up until Series Two, but remains in throughout the entire series as Vynosa's guardian.

Theme Song Edit

No Rain by Blind Melon

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